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In 1996, Seafront was awarded a contract by PSA, a provision to supply services and manpower for the lashing / unlashing in Brani Terminal.

Hence, owing to the tremendous effort, leadership and sound management of our Directors, Seafront has grown from strength to strength.

In Year 2000, Seafront has realised her potential, when she was awarded not only for the provision of manpower for the lashing/unlashing services, but also the provision of manpower services for the prime-mover services in Brani Terminal.

In a quest for expansion, Seafront successfully tendered for the provision of Wharf Operations Supervisors, Medium Forklift Drivers and Inter-Gateway Haulier Drivers.

Seafront is proud to be working with one of the world’s Busiest ports under PSA International.

Today, Seafront is currently providing PSA with services and manpower for the Pasir Panjang Terminal for:

  • Lashing/Unlashing Services; including
    • Vessel Berthing / Unberthing Operations
    • Container Reefer Plugging / Unplugging Operations
    • Water Bunkering Operations
  • Supply of Drivers to Drive Prime Movers within the PSA Port and Inter-Gateway Haulier (IGH) Drivers in and out of PSA Ports!
  • Supply of Wharf Operations Supervisors to Manage Operations at the Wharf Area
  • Supply of Medium Forklift Drivers to operate the Medium Forklift safely in the PSA port area
  • Supply of Inter-gateway Haulier drivers to operate our very own Hauliers in and out of PSA Terminals.

Additional Services

  • Supplier Service – Loose Cargo Container Trucking