Container Trucking Specialist

Job Scope:

Drive and Operate the Prime Mover Safely and Proficiently in PSA’s Container  Terminals.

1) Compulsory Qualification:

  1. A pass in PSLE English or ESS Level 4 in Literacy (Reading and Listening) and Numeracy or required to pass an English Assessment Test conducted by PSA Institute.
  2. A Singapore Driving License Class 3 equivalent and above
  3. Physically fit and not colour blind
  4. Age between 18 and not exceeding statutory retirement age and subject to annual medical review after the age of 65.

2) Compulsory training:

I. ISC in Prime Mover Container Operations Course Conducted by PSA Institute

Coverage of Course:

  1. Specifications and Descriptions of Prime Movers
  2. Importance of Daily Checks
  3. Conducting Pre-Ops and Post Ops Checks
  4. Instruments and controls
  5. Operating Principles
  6. PSA Traffic/Safety Rules, Procedures and Systems
  7. Safety in PM Driving
  8. Communicating with other Operational Groups
  9. Twinlift and Cornerless Chassis Trailer (CST)
  10. PM Driving Under Manual Operations
  11. Interacting with the Prime Mover PC (PMPC)
  12. Stacking and off-loading containers
  13. Handle Containers in Port Areas
  14. Driving Without Chassis (Practical)
  15. Driving With Chassis (Practical)
  16. Driving With Container (Practical)
  17. Reversing with Container Under Guidance (Practical)
  18. Refuelling the PM
  19. Preparing the Vehicle for Handover
  20. The Workplace Safety and Health Act


II. Complete On-Job-Training (OJT) hours and the “Institute of Technical Education” (ITE) test 3 months later and the duration is seen below:

Entry Qualification For Class 3 Holders For Class 4 and above Holders
Duration 10 hours Classroom 10 hours Classroom
  102 hours Practical Driving 60 hours Practical Driving


III. Future Career Prospects

  1. Attachment Training Mentor
  2. Prime Mover Foreman
  3. Deployment Supervisor


Earn Attractive Remuneration Above $3000 !!!

For more details on the Salary and working time, please contact our Mr Patrick at 8233 8124 for an interview to be scheduled.