Lashing Specialist Position

Job Scope:

Performing Lashing/Unlashing Operations on board vessels, vessel berthing/unberthing operations, container reefer plugging/unplugging operations and water bunkering operations.

1) Compulsory Qualification:

  1. A pass in PSLE English or ESS Level 4 in Literacy (Reading and Listening) and Numeracy or you are required to pass an English Assessment Test conducted by PSA Institute.
  2. Physically fit and not afraid of heights.
  3. Age between 18 and not exceeding statutory retirement age and subject to annual medical review after the age of 65. If you are above 51 years old, you will have to pass a Medical Examination (to be conducted in conjunction with the Functional Capacity Evaluation) to determine whether you can be deployed for on-board lashing operations.

2) Compulsory training:

I. ISC in Container Lashing Operations Course Conducted by PSA Institute

Course Coverage:

  1. Overview of PSA’s Container Terminals
  2. Duties and Responsibilities of Lashing Workmen
  3. The Container Ship
  4. Means of Access
  5. Safety On Board Vessel
  6. Types and Classifications of Containers
  7. Stowage Identification and Numbering System On Deck and Under Deck
  8. Types and Correct Use of Container Lashing Components
  9. Deck Fittings On Board Vessels
  10. Lashing Patterns Adopted by Various Vessels
  11. Safety in Container Lashing and Unlashing Operations On Board Vessels
  12. Guidelines for the Compulsory Use of QC Spreader Ride
  13. 5 Key Measures for Lashing Operations
  14. Vessel Berthing / Unberthing Operations
  15. Container Reefer Plugging / Unplugging Operations
  16. Water Bunkering Operations
  17. Practical Exercise- Lashing / Unlashing Containers
  18. The Workplace Safety and Health Act

II. Complete On-Job-Training (OJT) hours and take the “Institute of Technical Education” (ITE) test 3 months later the duration is seen below:

Entry Qualification Number of Hours
Duration 63 hours Classroom and Practical

III. Future Career Prospects

  1. Ship Traffic Assistant
  2. Lashing Foreman
  3. Deployment Supervisor


Earn Attractive Remuneration Above $3000 !!!

For more details on the Salary and working time, please contact Mr Loo at 9743 0466 for an interview to be scheduled.