Medium Forklift Specialist

Job Scope:

To safely operate the Medium Forklift inside the PSA

1) Compulsory Qualification:

  1. A pass in the screening conducted by PSA
  2. Physically healthy and not subject to deafness, defective sight, or any other infirmity, which may render you unfit to      perform the duties of a forklift operator.
  3. Age between 18 and not exceeding statutory retirement age and subject to annual medical review after the age of 62.

2) Compulsory Training:

  • WSQ Forklift Theory course
  • WSQ Operate Forklift course (Class 3) or;
  • WSQ Operate Forklift Course (no class 3)
  • WSQ Operate Single Stacker Medium Forklift Course


Future Prospects:

  1. Medium Forklift Foreman

Earn Attractive Remuneration Above $3000 !!!

For more details on the Salary and working time, please contact Patrick at 82338124 for an interview to be scheduled.