Policies & Pledge

Safety Policy

  • All Accidents can be Prevented
  • Working Safely is a Condition of Employment
  • Training is Essential to a Successful Safely Program
  • The Company is Committed to Preventing Accidents
  • Management is Responsible for Providing a Safe Work Place
  • Line Supervision is Accountable for the Actions of their Subordinates
  • Employees are responsible for Preventing Injuries to Themselves and Their Co-Workers
  • All Operations must be performed safely
  • Avoid Damage to Property and Environment


Safety Pledge

“I will make today a safe day, I pledge to work safely and not cause accidents or injuries. I will keep a lookout for my friends and co-workers, so that we can return home safely.”

Seafront has obtained a Bizsafe 4 certification

QEHS Objectives

  1. Providing Quick and Efficient Excellent Service
  2. Providing a Safe Work Environment
  3. Complying With the Applicable EHS Legislation and Other Legal Requirements
  4. Fostering a Culture of EHS Awareness and Risk Management